The Garden Baker is run by Sian Waugh, a creative maker of cakes and other luxury baked delights. Sian uses ingredients from her garden, from fruits and berries to edible flowers, and applies wonderful artistry to produce uniquely beautiful products.

About The Garden Baker

I make individually designed cakes for every season, baked in my own kitchen, using ingredients grown in my garden

The Garden Baker

Sian Waugh (aka me!) is the Garden Baker. I’ve always had a passion for baking, at the beginning I only really baked for family and friends. Now I’m lucky enough to say my Garden Bakery is flourishing – sharing my cakes with more and more happy clients. I can’t wait to see how far  I can go creating unique, beautifully aesthetic, delicious cakes.

As well as a baker, I’m a keen gardener, photographer and artist. Constantly searching for new ideas and designs, stimulated by the beauty of the garden.

As well as my own inspiration, I love brainstorming together on a piece with clients. Cakes are often are such a big part of an event and and so you’ve got to make sure it’s perfect.  I often find some of my best projects are when the client has a real input – nothing like a phone call and a cuppa to get those creative (and culinary) juices flowing!


Wherever possible, I use ingredients from my garden or occasionally local partners, growing organic produce. I make everything in my own kitchen. This means I can experiment & create coming up with unique designs all the time as well as be kind to our environment.


I make sure everything arrives with you the same as it left the kitchen. All my cakes are hand-packed in strong, biodegradable cartons, ensuring maximum protection and being as eco-friendly as possible.

Anything I missed?

If you’ve got any questions about the Garden Bakery don’t hesitate to drop me a message – via email or any of my socials down below!